March 29 2017

Principal’s Message March 29, 2017

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay. —Matthew 28:6

I read a devotion recently and it asked, what is the single act that defines Christianity? When you look at the Bible, it is full of teachings, miracles, important moments in history such as the reign of King David and the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, the central message that runs throughout the Bible since the Old Testament is that there is a Saviour who is coming. He is the key to our salvation and none can pass through to heaven except through him. It begins with Jesus’ birth at Christmas but it is at Easter that his ultimate purpose on earth is fulfilled.

I am sure you have heard all the stories about Jesus’ death and resurrection and have watched movies about this significant event. However I encourage you to see it as more than a story or special date that comes up yearly around this time and to reflect deeply on what it means to you personally as a Christian. How is your relationship with God? Community Church Hong Kong is having Holy Week and explores how we can grow closer to God by welcoming him into our everyday lives and walking with him.

Just prior to Good Friday from April 10-12, I invite you to visit the church because they have set up stations where you can look at Jesus’ suffering as a model of how we respond in our own lives and experiences. It is a good opportunity to reflect on Jesus’ last days prior to his sacrifice of himself for our eternal life with God.

Below is more information from Community Church Hong Kong:

I’m often asked, “How do I grow closer to God?” That is a great question and I often ponder that question myself. Dallas Willard said that the best opportunities to grow are the “trials of ordinary existence.” We grow by welcoming God into our everyday challenges and walking in them with God’s perspective and grace.

The Stations of the Cross give us a wonderful opportunity to look carefully at Jesus’ suffering as a model in how to respond to the injustice and pain in our own lives. In the Stations of the Cross, we see every type of suffering that we might experience:

Spiritual Suffering – Jesus wrestled with his will as he pleaded with the Father to avoid the impending suffering.

Relational Suffering – Jesus was betrayed and abounded by those closest to him.

Social Suffering – Jesus was the victim of a corrupt and unjust political system.

Physical Suffering – Jesus was tortured and killed.

Throughout all of this suffering, we see Jesus displaying love for those around him, a forgiving spirit and a trusting heart towards his Father. Jesus was able to view his suffering through the lens of the Kingdom of God, rather than the world’s value of control and comfort.

How do we journey in our suffering? What is our perspective? Our trials and suffering can be a powerful way to commune with Christ and grow as his followers.

I would like to invite you to journey through the Stations of the Cross this year – to remember what Christ has done for you and to grow in him through your own trials.

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