How to Apply

Apply Now!

The main application period is from beginning of September – end of October of the year prior to the desired year of admission. Applications may then be accepted at the discretion of the admissions officer, subject to available space, particularly to accommodate families moving into Hong Kong during the school year.

Applicants are advised to apply as early as possible since vacancies may be limited at certain grade levels. Application does not guarantee placement and those who have satisfied admissions criteria may be placed in a waiting pool if there are no spaces available immediately. Applications should be sent directly by post or delivered to the school office after parents attended a school tour.

Download Application Form (PDF)

Step 1:

Parents should submit a completed application form with the relevant documents and the application fee ($900). Parents encouraged to have a school tour.

Step 2:

A student interview will be scheduled at a convenient time. Depending on the number of applicants at any given time, interviews may be done in groups. Interviews for some classes are scheduled at certain times of the year (please check with the office).

Step 3:

An applicant may be invited for a second interview for further testing or observation.  An applicant may also be invited to spend a day at our school to experience the class and environment.

Step 4:

Normally a decision will be given within 3 weeks of the final interview or trial day.  The final decision for the offer of placement rests on the Admissions Team which consists of at least three teaching members of staff.  Parents will be contacted by post, email, or telephone.  If placement is offered, parents will be given a period of one week to confirm acceptance of the placement.  The placement is secured only after the school has received the signed acceptance letter accompanied by the deposit payment.