Christian Education

christian education

Norwegian International School believes that Christian Education is just as essential as Mathematics, English, and Mandarin. Thoughts, discussions, and actions flowing from our Christian Education program lead students to explore the final and most important line in the school’s motto: Living for Eternity.

We are excited to launch our new Journey 2:52 Christian Education curriculum in 2016-17. Journey 2:52 is derived from our understanding that faith is a process, and though we are all at different places, we are all on a journey; and our shared vision for students—to grow in Christ-likeness as a whole person, is based on Luke 2:52.

The Biblical Foundations curriculum is used in our pre-primary program. This curriculum nurtures a young child’s relationship with God by instilling biblical values deeply into a child’s heart thereby building a biblical foundation. For over 25 years this curriculum has been used in early years programs around the globe and in schools filled with students of differing cultures, skill-levels, denominations, nationalities, and backgrounds.