Curriculum Aims

boys learning


We deliver a broad, creative, developmental and international curriculum, rooted in a clear Biblical philosophy and vision of education. Focus is on the development of the whole child, so that every child will flourish not only academically but also physically, spiritually and socially. Character development and values formation are central to our approach to teaching and learning.

Through our curriculum, we assist students:

  • To develop the qualities and dispositions vital to success in the 21st century: adaptability, cooperation, communication, enquiry, morality, resilience, respect and thoughtfulness.
  • To acquire a positive attitude towards learning.
  • To acquire the greatest possible understanding and appreciation of themselves and the world around us according to a Biblical worldview.
  • To become individuals of character, understanding how to keep healthy—physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To receive the opportunity and the encouragement to serve others.
  • To learn to be responsible global citizens, accepting, respecting and celebrating the diversity among ourselves and the global community.