Welcome to our Kindergarten Campus

Lisa photo   Welcome!

Our Kindergarten campus (the “Bungalow”) is a unique environment with lots of space and natural surroundings. Our campus promotes our vision of providing our young students with a creative, nurturing, and natural learning environment.

We offer morning and afternoon Kindergarten classes as well as daily Playgroup sessions. All of our classes are led by a team of caring, innovative, and highly qualified teachers (our NIS Kindergarten “K Team”).

We have a vibrant school community and plan many parent-student events at the Kindergarten, as well as together with our NIS Primary school community.

We encourage you to visit us by making appointment for a campus tour. Come and see all the wonderful learning happening at our Bungalow every day!

Ms Lisa

Some NIS Kindergrten Parent Comments:

“The wide and open playground, under the tree canopies and with the scents of earth all around, is a perfect place for childrens imagination to grow. “ Dolven

“Almost every month, the NIS Kindergarten has an event for families to get involved. It really gives a lot of opportunities to be part of what our children feel and do at school. Our children love to talk to us about what is going on at school because they are happy to see us there with them.”  Dora